Liz Jeffords
R-L Senator Jim Jeffords, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works with his confidant Jeff Munger (Iroquois), who helped reduce dental mercury in U.S. waters by 48 percent in a measure that spread to 105 countries.

Mercury in Fillings: Hidden Danger in Our Own Mouths

Suzy Chaffee

My fellow Rutland Vermont skier, Senator Jim Jeffords, passed on at age 80 in August, but his contributions live on. While chairman of the Environmental Committee, partnered with his confidant Jeff Munger (Iroquois) and seven other Native leaders, we helped reduce U.S. dental mercury by 48 percent. In 2013 this helped inspire 105 nations to sign a Global Mercury Treaty “to protect the environment by agreeing to phase down dental amalgam.”

These are heroes, since the so-called “silver” fillings that our dentists gave us ALL as children are 49 percent mercury, the third most toxic metal on earth. In reducing dental mercury we are protecting ourselves from 100 mercury-related diseases, such as fetal brain damage in pregnant women, autism, dementia, heart disease and multiple sclerosis.

Shifting to white resin fillings is also extremely important, since one mercury filling contaminates a 20-acre lake. This means that mercury from dental offices that don’t use filters goes into reservation waters and all waters. Since water is the key to our health as well as to healthy fish, it’s important to require that all dental offices use filters and practice proper disposal.

You will see why mercury affects Native Americans more than those of European stock. According to Mercola’s report, 80 percent of Native Americans still use mercury fillings, while only 50 percent of mainstream Americans do. It's the Tale of the Massive Medical Fraud Still Believed by 57 percent of Americans. And even fewer Native Americans know about the dangers of mercury in fillings.

Since these kinds of catastrophic health challenges eat up critical IHS prevention budgets, and since the consensus of 192 United Nations countries in 2012 was that the “key to regenerating Mother Earth is a combination of green technology and Ancient Wisdom through the tribes,” the brains of Native youth in particular must be protected to help guide humanity into the prophesied New Dawn of Peace.

Further, one can show appreciation for these eight Native American heroes who are protecting U.S. and world waters by enlightening health-care providers. Insist that your Indian Health Services shift NOW to saner, cost-effective white resin fillings as the mainstream has, and that they pay for mercury removals of women who want to have children before they get pregnant, and to help reverse certain diseases.

One hero, world-renowned dentist Dr. Roberto Villafana (Yaki-Mayan), has magnanimously offered to help train Native dentists to use white resins and remove mercury fillings using the highest safety protocols. That is critical to protect you, the dentists and hygienists from being poisoned during the removal. It’s important never to handle it if you are pregnant, nursing or very sick, for instance.

So spread this amazing story about how every family can make a huge difference in helping grow vibrant, psychologically healthy, brilliant children. On their behalf, please also make a phone call to your senators to pass the Boxer Bill described herein that would stop corporations from dumping mercury and other toxins into our rivers, so we can drink out of our streams again someday.

For more in-depth information about mercury in fillings, read Opinion: Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords’ gift to a Mercury-Free America!

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