Rep. Lisa Johnson-Billy, Chickasaw, is encouraging Native women to enter the political scene whether federal, state or tribal.

Rep. Lisa Johnson-Billy to Encourage Native Women to Run on Radio Show


With United States federal and state elections less than a month away, along with many tribal elections taking place across Turtle Island, one Native woman is encouraging other American Indian women to jump into the political arena.

Rep. Lisa Johnson-Billy, a Chickasaw citizen and longtime Oklahoma House of Representatives District 42 incumbent will be sharing her message on Thursday, October 16 on the nationally syndicated radio program Native America Calling.

Billy, R-Purcell, looks to “inspire Native women to run for elective office.” The first Native American, first Republican and first woman to be elected to District 42 which serves Cleveland, Garvin Grady and McClain counties.

Native America Calling along with Billy will examine races across the country – state and tribal – while asking guests the question, “what does it take to get elected to office as a Native woman? What obstacles do Native women face when running for an elected position?”

Tune into Native America Calling at noon on KCMP 89.5 FM, catch a pre-recorded version this Saturday on KGOU in Billy’s district, or find the program online at

Billy who has served a decade heading into this election season – where she is running unopposed – and must retire in 2016 due to Oklahoma term limits.

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