5 Tasteless Andrew Jackson Memes


It’s no secret that Andrew Jackson is our least favorite president due to his treatment of Native Americans. It seems that fact has not gone unnoticed to the meme makers of the Internet.

Here are five tasteless gems we have found involving Andrew Jackson and his treatment of Indians.

Most of these memes refer to Jackson’s signing of the Indian Removal Act just one year after taking office. The act legalized ethnic cleansing and led to the Trail of Tears.

This meme especially refers to the Indian Removal Act, and the Trail of Tears. The Cherokee were forced from their homelands east of the Mississippi to Oklahoma, and their land was then used by white colonists to grow cotton.

This one may need some explaining. Jackson had a pet parrot named Poll, who was reportedly removed from Jackson’s funeral for cursing. We’ll blame the parrot for this meme then.

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