17 Redface Costumes You Can Buy: Walmart Really, Really Doesn't Get It


Change comes slowly, and while many in the United States are waking up to the racism of Native-themed sports mascots and Halloween costumes, it is the lumbering giants of commerce who will probably be the last to see the light. The NFL won't take action on the Redskins until advertisers and the media reach a tipping point. We can analogize that with a big-box mega-lo-mart like Walmart, which isn't likely to do the progressive thing about Halloween costumes until it's the best business decision.

How far out of touch is the U.S.'s largest retailer? Inspired by the "fat girl" Halloween costume fiasco, we rooted around the "Native American/American Indian" costumes and found dozens of stereotypical getups—that was expected. But the product descriptions! It's the voice of white privilege smirking at the quaintness of a minority culture. Were these written in the Mad Men era?

And a note to skeptics: If you don't think these outfits qualify as "racist," try subbing in some other ethnicity for Indian, American Indian, and Native American—would you proudly attend a party in an "authentic Hispanic costume" or brag that your child makes an adorable "African American princess"? 

1. Woman's Indian Maiden Plus Size Costume

"The chief may not be happy that his most beautiful daughter; Little Paw, has ran [sic] off to a Halloween party in her best Native American Maiden costume. ... Make peace with the Adult Plus Size Indian Maiden Costume. This costume comes with a faux sued [sic] dress with a fringe, a bead trim belt head piece and boot tops. You'll be dancing around the tribal fires in no time with the Adult Plus Size Indian Maiden Costume - you'll be one seductive little Indian in this outfit. So expect a lot of male attention at your next Halloween party!"

     Nothing gets attention at a party like racism.

2. Forum Novelties Mens Native American Brave Costume

"Get ready for a Halloween Pow Wow with all of your friends- Some costume are just for fun while others have a lot of authenticity- This is one of those authentic style costumes"

     No it isn't.

3. Deluxe Indian Princess Child Halloween Costume

"This Deluxe Indian Princess Halloween Costume is a wonderful choice for young fans of the princess life. Your daughter will feel confident in this authentic costume, knowing she looks like the real thing."

     Yes, she is the spitting image of that thing that never existed.


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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I'm going dressed as either a White golfer (lime green shorts with a banana yellow Polo shirt) or a Middle Manager (of which most are White because when a minority reaches that point, they're typically just laid off). I still need a guilt-free soul, a closed mind, and more money to complete either costume