Ghostly space sounds from NASA set the tone for a hair-raising Halloween.

Video: Spooky Space Songs Lend Ghostly Howl to Halloween


As the tagline for the movie Alien said, “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

But no one said anything about singing.

The planets and other heavenly bodies, as it turns out, have been warbling away since before time immemorial, though not via sound waves. Their tunes had to be transposed from radio waves and plasma waves so as to be rendered audible to human ears. But NASA has graciously done this for us with Spooky Space Sounds, much the way Earth’s siren song was translated from radiowaves to sound a few years ago. 

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The sounds, apropos of Halloween, are downright spooky.

Jupiter sounds somewhat like a mix between a chirping bird and scraping metal, and its moon Ganymede combines the sounds of R2-D2 with the internal-body noises that one might hear during an ultrasound.

Earth is part foghorn, overlaid with high-pitched electronic whale-type tones. That’s “the strange whistle of ultra-cold liquid helium-3 that changes volume relative to the North Pole and Earth's rotation,” according to NASA. 

Check out the video version, with dramatic space scenes, for a hair-raising listening experience.

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Beautiful and awe-inspiring! I think Uranus and Saturn sounded the scariest.