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The Sequoyah Building, a former bank located at 100 E. Choctaw Ave. in downtown Sallisaw, now serves as the Cherokee Nation tag office, ICW, career services and commerce satellite offices.

Cherokee Nation Opens One-Stop Office in Sallisaw

Cherokee Nation Release

The Cherokee Nation celebrated the opening of its new office in downtown Sallisaw, Oklahoma recently. It will help Cherokee citizens in Sequoyah County find jobs, apply for loans, get a Cherokee license plate and gather information on fostering Native children, all in one convenient setting.

For the first time, Cherokee Nation’s Career Services, Tax Commission, Commerce and Indian Child Welfare departments will share space in one location to better serve Cherokee citizens in Sequoyah and surrounding counties. The office is located at 100 E. Choctaw Ave.

“This new space in downtown Sallisaw will be a great asset for Cherokee Nation citizens. Nowhere else features this kind of advanced one-stop service,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker. “This investment and expansion is good for the city of Sallisaw and improves our ability to serve the Cherokee people.”  

Cherokee Nation Career Services is offering adult education, vocational rehabilitation, job training, TERO information and Talking Leaves Job Corps recruitment in the new office.

The Cherokee Nation tag office relocated from Chickasaw Ave. and into the office at the Sequoyah building to provide more parking and a larger waiting area. In fiscal year 2014, the Sallisaw tag office sold more than 11,000 license plates.

Cherokee Nation Commerce formerly shared a satellite office with the housing authority in Sallisaw. The new location allows for more assistance in entrepreneurial coaching, small business lending and financial education.

Cherokee Nation Indian Child Welfare will have several case workers housed in the new office, allowing ICW workers assigned to home visits in the Sallisaw area a more convenient workspace.

Sallisaw Mayor Julie Ferguson said the new 24,000-square-foot office is helping revitalize downtown Sallisaw with more employees and by bringing more patrons into town.

“We’re thrilled with the new Cherokee Nation office here in Sallisaw,” Ferguson said. “We’re currently trying to rebuild the downtown area and breathe new life into it. The only way we’re going to accomplish that is by bringing in more people and increasing the amount of foot traffic. This new office is a good fit for the city of Sallisaw, and I think it’s a good fit all around.”

For the Sallisaw tag office, call (918) 775-8026.

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