8 Pups That Rep Their Rez Status to the Fullest

Vincent Schilling

It’s Rez Pup Sunday. Yes, that happily means more Rez Pup Love. Keep sending us your cool pups Indian country – We’ll keep posting them! Got a fun Rez Pup pic? Share it with us!

If you’d like to submit your rez pup photo just send us an e-mail at [email protected] along with a picture, the dog’s name and age, owner’s name, rez you’re from (or near) and city and state – we’ll be glad to post your rez pup pics!

Accident Surviving, Poop Rolling Tostito / aka Broke Butt

Lacey Jae Ohseraseiahawi Herne from the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation on the New York and Canada border sent us this picture of her 10 year old companion and awesome Chihuahua, Tostito. According to Lacey, Tostito is a Chihuahua that has survived a car accident and has metal hip plates and a tattoo to prove it. Not only that, Tostito, also known as Otkon (Devil) and Broke Butt, loves to roll in poop.

Damn that’s rez…

Dreadlock Sportin’ Max

Dreadlock Sportin’ Max is 5 years old and lives in Shiprock, New Mexico. He is part of the Navajo Nation. As a proud member of the Komondor Breed, Max is among a breed of dogs that are bred to take care of livestock against bears and wolfs.

According to the Perry family, Max, from Hungary, is the only dog that has dreadlocks as fur.

“He is a great family dog who just loves children, he stands at about 3.5 feet tall, our cats use him as a blanket,” says his owner James. Hey James, you got us thinking about rez cat pics now…

Here he is filling out the back of a mini-van. James says Max is looking for a snag.


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