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MC RedCloud looks to set a record and help a cause with a marathon rap performance.

This Rapper Wants to Set a New Guinness Record, and He's Doing it for MMIW


Hip hop artist MC RedCloud, of noted hip hop duo LightningCloud is going for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, and he's doing it for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW).

Los Angeles-born and based RedCloud, who traces his Indigenous heritage to the Huichol People of Mexico, plans to break the record for continuous freestyle rapping, which currently stands at 17 hours. He'll start early in the morning—if our math is correct, roughly 4 AM—on November 29, with the goal of hitting the current mark at around 8 or 9 pm. That final, record-breaking stretch will be part of the Indigenous Angels II music event, a benefit for the the Stolen Sisters organization.

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During the 17th hour, RedCloud plans to "honor ALL missing and murdered indigenous women by name." He says the list stands at some 1200 names.

RedCloud is seeking a modest amount of funding with a Kickstarter campaign. With 24 hours to go, he's raised 62% of the $3,000 he needs to cover expenses that include venue fees, security, a camera crew, and meals for those involved. 

RedCloud's performace will be on the "downstairs stage" at The Airliner, located at 2419 North Broadway in Los Angeles, and is just one component of the Indigenous Angels II event. Upstairs, a show headlined by legendary MC Ras Kass will feature Native hip hop stars Quese IMC, Savage Family, and others. The outside stage will feature comedian JR Redwater, Crystle Lightning (RedCloud's partner in life and LightningCloud) and an art show with work by Bunky Echo-Hawk, Steven Paul Judd, Votan, Ernesto Yerena, and others. Here's the flyer:

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