American Indian College Fund
The American Indian College Fund celebrates Native American Heritage Month with an educational quiz and donation match.

Take a Quiz from the American Indian College Fund for Heritage Month

Dr. Cheryl Crazy Bull

November is Native American Heritage Month and our theme this year is Respecting Tradition. Inspiring Innovation.

At the American Indian College Fund, we pay tribute to Native Americans’ vast contributions to our nation every day… and we inspire innovation by providing access to quality education in Native communities where none would have existed.

Our students say The College Fund has given me the inner strength I didn’t know I had… this amazing belief in myself… resolve… confidence… knowledge… But most of all just pure hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today!

As we prepare for a brand new year, we are excited about a future filled with opportunity. We are about to embark on a path full of bigger vision, greater educational innovation and, most importantly, brighter hope for Native American students. We are reimagining the future of what is possible for them.

So on with the celebration! Visit our website and you’ll find many ways to do just that. For starters, take a quiz to see how much you know about Native American education.

Wounspe gluha blihihunkic’iyapi (We strengthen ourselves with knowledge).

For a limited time, any gift you give to the American Indian College Fund will be matched up to $150,000. Join our Matching Gift Challenge and make your gift work twice as hard for Native American students. Thank you!

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