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Notah Begay III receives the Golfers Who Give Back Award from Golf Digest's Editor-in-Chief Jerry Tarde.

Golf Digest Honors Notah Begay III For His Work With Native Youth


The golf legend was honored at Topgolf in Dallas on November 3 with The Golfers Who Give Back Award from Golf Digest. He was honored for his NB3 Foundation, which helps develop Native American children.

“Golf was a wonderful springboard to talk about important issues,” Begay told the magazine.

The award was presented by Jerry Tarde, the magazine’s editor in chief, at the Green Tie Gala, which was co-sponsored by Topgolf and Golf Digest to raise money for charity.

Begay also delighted the crowd with a success story about a young lady from San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico, who participated in his NB3 soccer program. The young lady was taken in by a foster family at 9 years-old.

“In the ninth grade, she tested at a seventh-grade math level and a fifth-grade English level,” Begay said. “Now, as a senior in high school, she has a 3.7 grade point average, is the captain of her soccer team and just got accepted to two universities. We changed the surroundings that this lady was living in and that dramatically changed the course of her life.”

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