Jackie Pierson beams as Trainer Bob informs her she's the first 'Biggest Loser' contestant to survive two challenges in Comeback Canyon.

Jackie Pierson Keeps Her Comeback Alive on 'Biggest Loser'


In episode 7 of The Biggest Loser: Glory Days, Jackie Pierson, Ojibway of Sagkeeng First Nation, lost the lowest percentage of weight on the team that lost the lowest percentage of weight—and was thus eliminated from the competition.

But elimination isn't so final on this season of the long-running TV show: Contestants who are cut from the main competition at the Biggest Loser Ranch go to a different site, and work with a different trainer. It's called "Comeback Canyon," and the competition is no-frills. The newcomer to Comeback Canyon must try to lose more than the person who's already there. It's a one-on-one battle with none of the fun and games of the team competitions at the Ranch.

Jackie had to leave the Ranch in Episode 7; in Episode 8, she ousted Gina, then the occupant of Comeback Canyon. This fit the pattern established on the show: In every episode, the newcomer to Comeback Canyon had sent the established resident packing.

In Episode 9, which aired last night (November 6), that pattern broke down. Jackie faced newcomer Blake—and won. Jackie dropped six poinds, or 2.41% of her body mass, which easily beat Blake's loss of just 0.51% of her body mass (one pound), and in doing so became the first contestant to successfully defend her turf at Comeback Canyon.

Things promise to get more interesting next week, when Jackie will try to fend off the next challanger: former NFL offensive lineman Damien Woody. Woody has been a charismatic presence and fierce competitor on the show, but he's not unbeatable—after all, he's in Comeback Canyon because he lost jut three pounds last week, which was less than 1% of his body mass. 

Jackie weighed 243 pounds at last night's weigh-in, a 48-pound improvement over her starting weight of 291 pounds. How low can she go?

Here are recap videos of Jackie's two Comeback Canyon victories. She'll next face Damien on Thursday, November 13, at 8 PM Eastern.

Episode 8: Jackie vs. Gina

Episode 9: Jackie vs. Blake

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