Top 10 Native Girl Problems: Bannock Crumbs and Missing Rubber Bands


Everybody has problems. It's a fact of life. We've brought you Native Guy Problems in the past—because somebody had to go first. There are plenty of #NativeGirlProblems too, and many a witty Tweeter has put into words the everyday peculiarities of life as a Native woman. The challenges of maintaining a beautiful head of hair is a recurring theme (really, we could have done a whole list of #NativeGirlHairProblems if we wanted), as are the rules of the dating game when every guy you meet might be a relative. And about those Native guys—they're a Native Girl Problem unto themselves, aren't they?

But try not to be too hard on them—they've got their problems too. Everybody does. Tip of the cap here to the @n8tivgirlproblem account and #NativeGirlProblems hashtag.

Top 10 Native Girl Problems

10. Your boyfriend is jealous of the new "Men of the Navajo" calendar because he isn't in it.

9. When a Native guy starts following you around the store, you don't know whether he's a creeper or a distant relation.

8. You had a dream in your language but you couldn't understand what anyone was saying.

7. Your cheekbones are so high, you can't talk to someone on your iPhone without hanging up on them.

6. Your non-Native friends always give you the same nickname: Pocahontas.

5. Finding dried up bannock in your purse because you can never eat all that you're offered, but can't say no either.

4. You're constantly buying new packs of rubber bands because they always get lost somehow. Seriously, where do they go?

3. When a guy at the powwow or 49 chats you up, and you tell him you're 34 and single with no kids—his response is "What's wrong with you?"

2. You're trying to make grand entry, but you keep seeing signs for garage sales.

1. Native guys from every other nation or rez make the ones around you look like gremlins.

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