Cherokee Nation hosts Veterans Day ceremony Monday

Cherokee Nation Release

In honor of Veterans Day, the Cherokee Nation will host its annual breakfast and program on Monday to thank veterans who served in the armed forces. All veterans are invited to attend the free event.

At 9 a.m., at the Cherokee Nation’s Veterans Center, Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden will welcome veterans and guests. The Cherokee Nation Color Guard will present the flags, and Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Chief of Staff Chuck Hoskin Sr. will give remarks.

Immediately following, a wreath ceremony will be held at the Cherokee Warrior Memorial to honor fallen veterans. Breakfast will also be served.

“Cherokees have long served and protected the freedoms of this nation and its citizens,” said Crittenden, a Navy veteran who served during Vietnam. “It’s important that the Cherokee Nation and its citizens honor and show support for those who stepped forward and answered the call to serve.”

The Cherokee Nation estimates there are more than 4,000 Cherokee veterans and opened a veterans center on their behalf. The tribally funded center features displays of Cherokee veterans’ military dress, 25 works from Indian artists with military themes and several other displays, including vintage wartime newspapers and other memorabilia.

The Cherokee Nation recognizes Cherokee service men and women for their sacrifices and as a way to demonstrate the high regard in which all veterans are held by the tribe. Native Americans, including Cherokees, are thought to have more citizens serving per capita than any other ethnic group, according to the U.S. Department of Defense.

For more information, call the Veterans Center at (918) 772-4166 or (800) 256-0671 ext. 4166.

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