Vimeo/Alexander Kodisch
Mauritius does not often come up on our radar, but this time-lapse video shows why it should.

Video: Magical Mauritius Comes to Life in Time Lapse Wonder


Rainbows, waterfalls, palm trees and achingly beautiful sunsets abound in this turquoise-sea paradise brought to us by time-lapse photographer Alexander Kodisch.

There is something about time-lapse, especially in combination with this island planted in the middle of the Indian Ocean, that brings this place to life in a video that doubles as a work of art. It certainly corroborates what Mauritius says about itself.

“Mauritius will enchant you, will uplift your soul, making you feel that you belong to the chosen few,” states the official website for this nation, which does not even come up first in its own search results.

Mauritius is about 1,200 miles from the southeastern portion of Africa and actually contains a few islands: Rodrigues, the islands of Agalega and the Saint Brandon archipelago. Technically part of the African continent, Mauritius is one of the nations that commonly receives suspected pirates for prosecution. Most recently, 12 Somali men were acquitted of piracy after a year-long trial, as Agence France-Presse reported on November 6.

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But piracy and crime on the high seas are hard to think of when gazing that Mauritius, which sources say was not even inhabited by humans until the Dutch arrived in 1598.

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