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Native American Heritage Month Resources for Teachers

Christina Rose

Without guidance, too many teachers may celebrate Native American Heritage Month in the only ways they know how: paper bag vests and feathers, classroom pow wows, and discussions on who Indians were.

So, we have culled a list of resources for teachers to help expand their horizons to go beyond the stereotypes, and really teach their students the true history of the Native people of this country.

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Feel free to print this out and give it to your kid's teachers.

Gaining Cultural Perspective

How to Tell the Difference: A Guide for Evaluating Children’s Books for Anti-Indian Bias by Doris Seale, Beverly Slapin and Rosemary Gonzales

Of Warrior Chiefs and Indian Princesses: The Psychological Consequences of American Indian Mascots” By Stephanie Fryberg

Native American and Hispanic Curriculum Resource Guide K-12 Empowering Teachers To Empower Students” By Nebraska Department of Education

Included is a table that examines cultural perspectives, a must-see for all non-Native teachers. While the curriculum is called, “Native American and Hispanic,” researchers are recognizing that most, if not all, minority perspectives tend to reflect indigenous worldviews, which is very different from the Euro-American perspective.

Regional Resources

39 Oklahoma Indian Tribe Education Guides

40 Indian Tribes and Languages of the Northeast Woodlands

Links to Wisconsin Tribal Websites

American Indian and Indigenous Education Links from Northern Arizona University, which contains curriculum relevant to several Native nations individually and nationally


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Deanna K. Klingel
Submitted by Deanna K. Klingel on
I'm an author of YA, mostly historical fiction, and biography. I was asked by the Butts County GA Historical Society to write a YA about Chief William McIntosh. That area of GA has everything named after him, but there are no books about him for young readers. I did some research then agreed to do it. I've spent most of the year doing this and I'm "finished." I'm having some middle grade students read it for feedback, but I'd be interested in having a teacher or two read it and let me know if anything doesn't work. The working title is McIntosh Summer. It's historical fiction, set in Indian Springs, GA, & tells the story of Chief William McIntosh. Is there someone on this website who would be interested in reading it? Thanks. [email protected].