The National Network to End Domestic Violence has compiled a list of what red flags might pop up to indicate your partner is abusive, or can become so.

10 Early Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Lynn Armitage

How do you know if you are in an abusive relationship—or headed down that certain path? Trust your instincts. Survivors of domestic violence say that they knew something wasn’t right, but ignored the following patterns of behavior that they later recognized as potential early warning signs that the person they were dating would turn out to be abusers. According to this list compiled by the National Network to End Domestic Violence, someone who exhibits the behavior outlined below is either abusive or could become so. 

      Rages out of control and is impulsive

      Gets angry so easily that you feel like you're "walking on eggshells"

      Calls you names such as "stupid" or "bitch,” or tells you that you are “crazy”

•       Wants to move too quickly into the relationship

•       Is excessively jealous and wants to know where you are all of the time

      Takes no responsibility for his behavior and blames others

•       Grew up in an abusive or violent home

      Insists that you stop spending time with your friends or family

      Insists that you stop participating in leisure interests

•       Hits walls, drive dangerously, or does other things to scare you

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
This is a problem I'm sad to admit exists in NDN country. There are too many excuses for abuse and, "I was drunk," doesn't work. Real men don't hurt the people they love and real women don't make excuses for their mates when the abuse turns to the children.