AP Photo/Victoria Will
Beverly Johnson, from the film "About Face," pose for a portrait during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012, in Park City, Utah. (AP Photo/Victoria Will)

'Bill Cosby Drugged Me,' Says Native American Supermodel Beverly Johnson


In what may prove to be a legacy-demolishing first-person account, published earlier today by Vanity Fair, supermodel Beverly Johnson tells her story of being drugged by comedian and TV-sitcom legend Bill Cosby at his home in New York City.

As an international fashion model, Johnson was a trailblazer, and will forever be remembered as the "first black model" to appear on the cover of American Vogue, in 1974, and French Elle, in 1975. She may also have been the first Native model to appear on either or both covers—a BBC article from July says that her father was "a Native American," and a feature at Vogue Italia identifies his Native heritage as Blackfoot.

Titled simply "Bill Cosby Drugged Me. This Is My Story," Johnson's must-read account is shocking, but in keeping with the recent allegations that have surfaced from numerous women.

"Now that other women have come forward with their nightmare stories, I join them," Johnson writes. "I had to use my voice as a sister, mother, and grandmother, and as a woman who knows that, according to the C.D.C., nearly one in five women has been sexually assaulted at some time in her life, and that women of color face an even higher attack rate."

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hammertime's picture
Submitted by hammertime on
I suppose you could say that bill cosby was certainly a great actor that could fool everyone into thinking he was a great person in real life. I am sure that this whole situation is very crushing to the scores of people who looked at his charactor on TV as a very positive model to model their own lives after... It makes me wonder what kind of creatures go around doing things like this and what kind of married couple the Cosbys are behind closed doors??. They took advantage of any actress that crossed their path....all these young ladies are someones daughter and it amazes me that no ones father ever went after this powerful man a long time ago for this crime..... its a shame to see someone be exposed to the light like this and I guess whoever you are wether large or small... eventually you will reap what you sow.... I hope he gets what is comming to him....

sonnyskyhawk's picture
Submitted by sonnyskyhawk on
Let me start off by saying, I have a problem when people put actors or performers up on this "pedestal" of "greatness." That is where the issue begins. Being good at your profession, does not equate to being a good parent, individual or anything else that can be perceived. These are human beings with all the possible good and bad things that can possibly make up a human. Stop wasting your perception of greatness, where it does not belong. They are born with the same options as you, to be stupid or smart, to be good or bad, to be compassionate or bigoted, no one is ever born perfect, no matter what, that is why we have a society of laws, to reign in those who think they are above all others. Just sayin....

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I NEVER liked Bill Cosby. He just seemed "too good to be true," and his insistence on "family values" (he once put down Richard Pryor for the obscenities in his act) led me to believe he was a likely candidate for hypocrisy. This is often the case with those who promote an air of superiority for their beliefs, but they often trip themselves up. My grandfather told me once long ago to beware of anyone waving either a crucifix or a flag in your face (much like family values) because they're doing something wrong with their other hand. ___________________________________________________________ At least Bill Cosby was an equal opportunity abuser.