Meagen Baldy shows us how to make a healthy version of a chicken Alfredo loaded with vegetables.

Video: Healthy Alfredo? That’s What Meagen Baldy Is Cooking


In this installment of Cooking Healthy in Indian Country Meagen Baldy teaches viewers how to make a healthy chicken Alfredo with mushrooms (a viewer donation and request) and broccoli. The self-proclaimed “Kale Queen” even manages to work some of the healthy, leafy green into the dish.

“Now, we all know that kale is full of vitamins and minerals,” she tells viewers. “Several of them are calcium, which will pair well with the vitamin D in the mushrooms… help support bone health. It also has protein.”

Always the informative host, this time around she teaches viewers good hand washing techniques, and a new cooking gadget.

To make the Alfredo lower in fat and calories she uses olive oil instead of butter, low-fat cream cheese, and skim milk.

Watch her cooking skills below:

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