Looks by Bethany Yellowtail, currently featured on her new official site byellowtail.com.

Native Fashion Superstar Bethany Yellowtail Launches Official Site


Bethany Yellowtail, a Crow/Northern Cheyenne fashion designer, has launched the website for her brand, B.Yellowtail, and is offering her remarkable creations at a discount for a limited time.

Yellowtail has become one of Indian country's most respected designers, dressing glamorous Indigenous entertainers for red carpet events and displaying her work at major fashion shows. Yesterday's launch of byellowtail.com coincided with the fashion phenom's 26 birthday. Shoppers can get 15% off by entering "Bday2014" in the coupons/promo code field when checking out.

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Here are some sample images of byellowtail.com's current offerings. The full press release from Bethany Yellowtail follows.

The highly anticipated launch of Bethany Yellowtails fashion collection at BYellowtail.com

Los Angeles, CA

December 16, 2014

Today, premier fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail rings in her birthday with the launch of her line at www.Byellowtail.com.  In spectacular style, just hours after the site went live, several pieces have already sold out.  At just 26, this emerging talent has much to celebrate, boasting a recent celebrity spread in Runway Magazine and gearing up for the debut of her spring collection at LA Fashion Week.

Yellowtail brings a new level of excitement to the fashion world with her authenticity in accessing Native designs.  It was her great-grandmother’s regalia that inspired the look for her luxe Holiday Sequin Dress.  The collection’s Crow Pop Dress features distinct hourglass geometrics, a design element from her Apsaalooke background.  Her unique approach, her ability to tap into ancestral, indigenous knowledge and bring that to the modern catwalk, is something that’s never been seen before. 

Designing and making clothes is inherent and instinctual to me. Our native communities are filled with generations of the most expert beaders, leather workers, silversmiths and artisans in the world. They are my original teachers.

Each B.Yellowtail piece has a story rooted in sacred inspiration, displaying an artistic passion and a balanced harmony. Every design element, from colors, to cuts, to fabrics and patterns, is chosen with pristine care, all the while honoring the unique sources they came from.

I want to redefine tribal-inspired design and bridge the gap between restoring its original truths and re-imagining it with impeccable luxury.” 

For a limited time, visit byellowtail.com and enter Promo Code “Bday2014” for 15% off. 

For more information contact:

Bethany Yellowtail


[email protected]


Written By: Kimberly Meraz

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