Name Changed: Washington Team 'Scalp Out Cancer' Event Renamed to 'Shave Out Cancer'

Simon Moya-Smith

The name changed.

The title of a charity event, hosted by fans of the Washington football team, was changed in the short time after The Washington Post ran a story Friday on the offensively-named event.

"Scalp Out Cancer: Because Bald is Beautiful" was the name of an event slated for Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. The event, where fans will shave their heads as they tailgate outside of the stadium, is meant to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute, according to the Washington team-sponsored message board

But soon after John Woodrow Cox of The Washington Post wrote about the event, the name was changed on the message board.

Previous to the switch from 'Scalp' to 'Shave', Washington team fan and the event’s coordinator Michael Kennedy told Cox that the name of the event is not meant to offend. Instead, Kennedy insisted that use of the term “scalp” isn't a reference to the team's Native American mascot.

“We’re taking our hair all the way down to the skin,” Kennedy, 33, told Cox. “Really no connection to the Redskins, other than that we’re doing it at the tailgate.”

At the same time, a protest against the team name will be held outside the stadium; a march and rally will follow the protest, event coordinators said. Organizations who are slated to join in the protest include the American Indian Movement, the National Congress of American Indians and the NAACP.

Those who'd protest such a charitable effort would be making “a fool of themselves," Kennedy told Cox.

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