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The New York Times Publishes Investigative Report About Fort Berthold Leadership


Updated December 30: to clarify that Tex Hall himself is not being investigated in first paragraph.

The New York Times on Monday, published a lengthy, investigative report on the change of leadership of the three affiliated tribes, Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation, following scrutiny of former chair Tex Hall's business dealings on the oil-rich Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota. 

The article “In North Dakota, a tale of oil, corruption and death,” said that the Nation’s tribal council had hired a former United States attorney, Stephen L. Hill, to look into Hall’s oil dealings, as well as his personal and professional connections to James Henrikson, who is currently awaiting trial on a laundry-list of felonies, including murder and conspiracy. Some of those charges, the report says, are linked to Henrikson’s trucking company called Blackstone, which operated out of the chairman’s garage. The company did business for Hall's private oil field company, and Hill's investigation found that Hall had entered into a joint venture with Hendrikson's Blackstone. Tribal member, Marilyn Hudson, told the Times, "Now you have a murder, a hit man, and a five-time convicted felon operating as an oil contractor working directly with the chairman. It's like our reservation got hijacked by the plot of a bad movie."

Hall, an advocate for the protection of the reservation’s “land, air and waters,” and, also, an advocate for oil development, told the Times that in terms of his business dealings, he was “by the book."  As it stands, the United States attorney in North Dakota will not confirm or deny whether a current investigation against Hall has been officially opened, the paper reported. 

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