Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted Monday about the Wounded Knee Massacre

Iran's Leader Criticizes U.S. Over Wounded Knee Massacre, Joins #NativeLivesMatter Discussion

Simon Moya-Smith

Iran’s supreme leader took to Twitter Monday to excoriate the U.S. over a massacre it exacted upon Native Americans more than 100 years ago and for its recent maltreatment of ethnic minorities by police.

Iranian leader ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted a picture of murdered Lakotas – victims of the Wounded Knee Massacre – and wrote: “Wherever westerners went, they destroyed local culture, history and language. #WoundedKnee.” Khamenei added the hashtag #NativeLivesMatter to an earlier tweet with the same message.

Monday marked 124 years since the U.S. Seventh Cavalry murdered an estimated 300 Lakotas – mostly women and children – and dropped the bodies into a pit in South Dakota. Twenty of the cavalrymen who shot and killed the Lakotas received the Congressional Medal of Honor. The medals have yet to be rescinded.

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Khamenei also tweeted about the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City, seemingly standing in solidarity with ethnic minorities, specifically African-Americans, who have been subjected to police brutality.

Khamenei has been among the most anti-American voices in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution overthrew U.S.-allied Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Los Angeles Times reporter Carol B. Williams wrote.

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aliberaldoseofskepticism's picture
Submitted by aliberaldoseofs... on
Funny how Ayatollah Khameini appoints the guy in charge of Iranian state television. The only English-language state TV station for Iran is...Press TV. And Press TV has given an entire show to David Duke. (Yes, that David Duke.) So, I must wonder, Mister Ayatollah Sir, are you being sincere? Because your actions suggest otherwise. #SorryNotSorry

Shadowstands's picture
Submitted by Shadowstands on
this is the true Power in Iran, who runs the oligarchy of the "Mad Mullahs" who run Iran. And are building Nuclear Facilities, threaten Folks they don't even share borders with, with Genocide, hang people from construction equipment, and murder gay people out of hand, and allow their religious police, the Republican Guard to bully their grass roots citizens. Whereas all that he says is true about the heinous butchery at Wounded Knee, and the fact that the US has never made reparations for this piece of the North American Genocide, nor even real acknowledgement that this happened. Given that Iran has run out it's own Traditional People, and hasn't been particularly good to their own minorities, I am somewhat doubting about this guy's motives for commenting. Jus' sayin'.....