Richard Luarkie discussed the choice of being bitter or better at a TED talk held in Albuquerque in September.

Video: The Opportunity to Be Bitter or Better From a Pueblo Upbringing


Richard Luarkie, Pueblo of Laguna governor, was a speaker at a TED event held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he spoke about the choice of being bitter or better.

His talk at TEDxABQ, in September, addressed this choice through his Pueblo upbringing spanning back to his grandparents – A grandfather, Pueblo of Zuni, and a grandmother, Pueblo of Laguna.

Luarkie informed the audience he still does not know his biological father, which is a reason to be bitter. However his grandmother taught him, “it’s not about you.”

She gave him two offerings to follow in life; the first was to “chase perfection. You will never catch it, but in this pursuit you will be doing your best…” She taught this to him through education Luarkie said.

The second offering was to “choose to be better.” Luarkie relates his story of growing up half African-American and half Indian on the Pueblo and the hardships that came with it when describing how he overcame being bitter and chose to be better.

Watch the full TED talk below:


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