The Department of the Interior recently highlighted many events throughout 2014 including the President’s historic visit to Indian country.

Video: Obama’s Historic Visit Highlighted in Year at Interior


The Department of the Interior recently released a video highlighting a variety of items that happened throughout 2014, one of the key highlights was President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Indian country.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell accompanied the president and First Lady Michelle Obama in June to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation as a symbol of the Obama administration’s commitments to Indian country.

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The visit was just one of many for Jewell who “travelled extensively throughout Indian country to meet with tribes on improving Indian education and boosting tribal economy.”

Other topics from the Year at Interior were wildlife trafficking, youth initiatives, the dedication of a variety of national monuments, and more. The 50-year anniversaries of the Wilderness Act and the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act were also highlighted.

Jewell also joined tribal, state, and federal leaders this year to release a blueprint – Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan – for over 22 million acres of the California desert as part of the president’s climate action plan to create jobs, cut carbon pollution and create a clean domestic energy.

Rounding out the Year at Interior was the announcement of the Washington Monument reopening following damages from the east coast earthquake of 2011.

Watch the Interior video below:


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