Steven Paul Judd

9 Times Steven Paul Judd Made Your Day With His Awesome-Sauce Art

Simon Moya-Smith

He makes art "for Indians to have, and that gets white people to think." His name: Steven Paul Judd. He's Kiowa and Choctaw, and a celebrated artist. Judd is also a filmmaker. His yet-to-be-released short film, Ronnie BoDean, stars veteran actor Wes Studi as the "worst babysitter ever." In the meantime, enjoy nine of Judd's pieces that are so awesome sauce they should be bottled and sold at the concession stand. 

1. That one time when  some spacecrafts came creepin' in.

2. That one time you learned the devastating news.

3. That one time Judd in his mocs drew a fox, and with a cat in a hat he made art just like that.

4. That one time SIOUXperman finally let his hair grow.

5. That one time Min-dians giggled and plotted their way into your feed.

6. That one time art imitated life.

7. That one time the Red Ranger finally discovered his true talent.

8. That one time Judd showed Banksy how to do it.

9. That one time Judd celebrated Native American women in film, as they should be.

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