Protagonist Lyle, played by Edsel Pete, on the poster for 'Legends From the Sky'

Navajo Sci-Fi Film 'Legends From the Sky' Is in a Race Against Time


The good news for filmmaker Travis Holt Hamilton is that his science-fiction thriller Legends From the Sky has booked eight theaters for its January 30 opening. The less-good news is that the film isn't quite done yet.

Legends From the Sky, set on the Navajo Nation and featuring a mostly-Native cast, finished filming in June, and is currently in the post-production phase. In order to complete the movie's sound design, color correction and musical score, as well as over 100 visual effect shots Hamilton deems necessary, he's set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 by January 20. The campaign page is located at

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Writer/director/producer Hamilton, who is not Native, told Native Times that the needed funds are "more than we had anticipated but we are very determined to make this film great. ... This is our first Native American sci-fi film, and as an independent filmmaker I want to make a spectacular experience for our audience. We don’t want to stall this project, rather we are hoping our investors will help us get this film completed and in theaters."

The film's protagonist is played by Edsel Pete, a first-time actor who, like his character, is a combat veteran. A number of experienced Native entertainers have parts in the film, including actress Mia Sable (who is better known as a singer), comedian Ernest Tsosie III (of James and Ernie), actor Wayne Charles Baker (Blackstone), and  comedian/musician James Bilagody.

The official facebook page teases the film thusly: "A Native American Veteran, burdened by survivor’s guilt after a disastrous military tour, is forced to search for his missing grandfather after his ancestral land is mysteriously taken over by an Unknown Federal Organization." The Navajo language plays a role in the plot, and accounts for about 15 minutes of the film's dialogue.

Starting January 30, Legends From the Sky will be showing at the following venues: Red Rock 10 (Gallup, NM), Allen 8 (Farmington, NM), Bricktown 16 (Oklahoma City, OK), Northfield 18 (Denver, CO), Arizona Mills 25 (Tempe, AZ),Spectrum 18 (Tucson, AZ), Galaxy 8 (Roswell, NM), Durango Stadium 9 (Durango, CO).


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