The Fritz Pollard Alliance, an influential organization working to assure a more diverse NFL, has called on Washington football team owner Dan Snyder to change the name.

NFL-Linked Civil Rights Group Calls on Washington Football Team to Change Its Name

Simon Moya-Smith

A prominent civil rights group with close ties to the NFL is the latest organization to call on the Washington football team to change its name.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Foundation -- an influential organization that works to establish diversity and inclusive excellence throughout the NFL -- said they attempted to discuss a name change with team owner Dan Snyder during a meeting last August, but were swiftly silenced by the executive director of the Original Americans Foundation (OAF) -- an organization Snyder founded to allegedly help Native Americans in need, John Woodrow Cox and Mark Maske of The Washington Post reported.

Representatives of the alliance told the Post they also spoke with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the team's logo and the dictionary-defined racial slur. Goodell said it's a matter for the Washington football team to address.

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In June, the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board found the name of the team to be "disparaging to Native Americans." Six of the team's seven trademarks were subsequently cancelled.

The alliance is lead by former football players and was named for the league's first African American coach, according the alliance's website.

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Michael Madrid
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We need as many Native artists as are able to start copying the Redskins logo in the worst light possible. Once everyone is wearing them, asshole Snyder might not want to be associated with it. I personally like the 1491's T-shirt (available here for the Foreskins. It fits them well because Snyder is such a dick!