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Washington Post Editorial Board: Dan Snyder's 'Obstinacy' Detrimental to National Football League

Simon Moya-Smith

The Washington Post editorial board said Wednesday that Washington football team owner Dan Snyder's inability to even listen to an opinion opposite his own is "detrimental" to the entire National Football Leauge.

The board was responding to a report that the well-respected civil rights group Fritz Pollard Alliance, which champions equality and diversity in the NFL, faced hostility when the alliance attempted to discuss a name change with the executive director of the Original Americans Foundation, an organization Snyder founded to allegedly help Native Americans in need.

"That refusal to even hear a differing viewpoint shows a closed mind and should concern league officials," the Post's editorial board said.

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According to the Post, the alliance, which is helmed by former NFL players, said in a statement that a change to the Washington team name is "urgently need."

“As the NFL continues to move in the direction of respect and dignity, one of its teams carrying this name cuts glaringly against the grain,” read a letter sent to minority coaches and front-office staff members, the Post's John Woodrow Cox and Mark Masker reported.

The Post editorial board said it hopes Snyder's refusal to listen to Native Americans about the team name as well as OAF's aggressive response to a much-lauded, much-influential civil rights group will soon concern league officials, including Commissioner Roger Goodell -- who told the alliance that they needed to take up their opposition to the name with Snyder, not him.

In August, The Washington Post editorial board announced it will no longer print the name of the Washington football team in its columns.

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
No other ethnic/cultural group has had to put up with this bullshit. Can you imagine someone doing this to African-Americans, or Chinese-Americans, or Italian-Americans, or even White-Americans? If Daniel Snyder lived in the 19th century his name would be Chivington, or Custer, or Carson, or Onate. Too bad Goodell is such a pussy too. He's the one person who could change this with a pen stroke.

bullbear's picture
Submitted by bullbear on
Attn: Indian Country Today Would you please list all those major newspapers, such as Washington Post, whose editorial board or powers-that-be have boldly taken action to refrain from using the NFL Washington mascot name in its print? Once the list is printed, it would behoove the readership of ICT and opposition to the use of the mascot name, to ask our state's newspaper boards to do the same. The media has the capacity to send a message home to the NFL who has churned billions of dollars utilizing tv, radio and newsprint.