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Native Humor: Top 10 Native Dating Site Bios


In the age of dating sites like, eHarmony and OKCupid, single folks are faced with a constant challenge: How can you sum up your Native awesomeness in a brief bio? What's the right mix of creativity, cuteness, honesty, exaggeration and cheeziness? Twitter users tackled it this week with the hashtag #NativeDatingSiteBios and the results are pretty good. We think you'll like them. Will you love them? Hey, let's not put any labels on this just yet. Let it be what it is. We'll text you in two weeks.

Top 10 Native Dating Site Bios

10. Give me Hot Chee-tos, and I'll give you my heart... Aye!

9. For the right fancy dancer, I'll retire my snaggin' blanket.

8. If you ask me to choose between you and my beadwork/turquoise, you'll be hitting the dirt road!

7. You don't need a dream catcher to catch me!

6. Champion Chicken Dancer. Novice Bingo Player. Expert Hickey Giver.

5. I'll treat your heart like a treaty, it'll never be broken!

4. I'm brown, round, and proud.

3. I live with my grandma, which isn't so bad since she is always at the casino. So it's like I'm living by myself.

2. I only use Blue Bird Flour and my bread flopping game is hella tight. Crowned Frybread Princess 2015.

1. Don't message me if you have any of the following last names (we're related)...

Credits: @_Native_Life (10, 8, 5, 4, 3), @shantique (9, 1), @PabloFiasco (7), @triplefnh (6), @Lady_Boss85 (2)

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Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
My favorites were #2, #5 and #7. I would add, "I have Chief Joseph's patience and understanding, the dedication of Crazy Horse, the wisdom of Sitting Bull and Geronimo's passion . . . the only way you can go wrong with me is by wearing a U.S. Cavalry uniform.