Louis J. Manuel Jr., chairman and Delia M. Carlyle vice-chair for Ak-Chin Indian Community.

Ak-Chin Tribal Council Selects Chairman and Vice-Chair


Louis J. Manuel Jr. and Delia M. Carlyle were recently named chairman and vice-chair by the Ak-Chin Indian Community Tribal Council respectively.

Manuel and Carlyle will serve one-year terms for the Arizona tribe that sits nestled into the Santa Cruz Valley. Both have set goals focused on further expansion of the tribe’s economic projects and job creation for the community.

“I am honored to have once again been selected to serve my Community as the chairman,” Manuel said. “Together, the entire Tribal Council, as a team, will continue to be advocates for the Ak-Chin Indian Community and continue to build upon a strong foundation for a strong economy and job growth for our Community members.”

The Tribal Council serves the 1,004 member community with a land base of just over 22,000 acres in developing and enforcing policies.

“The Ak-Chin Indian Community has a vision for the future and we will work very hard to turn that vision into reality,” Carlyle said. 

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