There are many resources ready to lend a helping hand for people escaping an abusive situation.

Where Domestic Violence Victims Can Go for Help

Lynn Armitage

Ready to take that first step out of your violent situation? Contact any number of resources available both nationally and locally, online and in your community. These organizations are run by compassionate, knowledgeable professionals with access to a wide range of free programs to help domestic violence victims and their children with emergency support, as well as long-term transitions.

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• The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-SAFE (

• Mending the Sacred Hoop: 888-305-1650 (

• Safe Horizon: 800.621.HOPE (

• National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: 303.839.1852 (

• Do an Internet search on domestic violence emergency shelters in your city; afterward, clear your browser history if you share a computer with the abuser.

• Confide in your doctor. Many physicians follow the AMA guidelines to ask women during routine exams if they feel safe with their partners. 

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