In 'Isabelle's Garden,' a young Choctaw girl helps a community in need—her own.

Watch 'Isabelle's Garden': Exclusive Premiere of Sundance-Honored Short Film


The short film "Isabelle's Garden" is about a young girl doing what she can to fight poverty and hunger in a Native community in southeastern Oklahoma, and is one of nine winners of the Sundance Institute Short Film Challenge. That's no small feat, as the competition received 1,387 submissions from 89 countries. Filmmaker Jeffrey Palmer, Kiowa, felt that this vignette about a Choctaw girl would not just shed light on conditions in the area but also provide some insight; old traditions, it turns out, can help us create a better present and future. "Choctaw, Chickasaw people, they're agriculturalists traditionally," he told ICTMN. "We think that if people worked together, poverty might not look the same. Tribally, we've been doing that for centuries."

ICTMN is pleased to present the digital premiere of Palmer's film, which screened last week at the Sundance Film Festival. Enjoy!

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