A pure-strain bison on the range.

Buffalo Field Campaign Creates NPS Phone-in Day to Save Yellowstone Bison


The slaughter of bison in Yellowstone National Park continues apace, in the name of protecting Montana livestock from brucellosis, and the Buffalo Field Campaign is continuing to keep the issue on the public radar with a week of action leading up to Valentine’s Day.

The advocacy group has designated Wednesday February 11 as a National Call-In Day to officials at Yellowstone “to urge them to love, respect and protect the wild buffalo the American people have entrusted them with,” the campaign said in a media release.

Yellowstone bison are the last known genetically pure strain of the majestic animals that once roamed the Great Plains but were virtually extinguished in the 1800s. Now isolated populations exist on some American Indian reservations and a few thousand in Yellowstone. The goal this year is to cull that herd down to about 3,000, the National Park Service says.

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More than 400 bison had been hunted or sent to slaughter as of February 5.

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On Tuesday February 10 the campaign stood up with Natives at a rally in Helena, Montana, to protest the killing of bison and wolves, another iconic symbol for American Indians.

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