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Don't you DARE come at Jack White with a banana.

How Did I Miss That? White Blacklists OU; $450 Wedding Shorts

Steve Russell

Oklahoma University consistently ranks in the top tier of degrees conferred upon American Indian students and OU’s student newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily, serves a city of over 30,000 souls within the city of Norman, Oklahoma.

This week, the campus news ranges from whether the Student Government Association President should be impeached over a public intoxication bust (he survived an impeachment resolution, 21-18, with one abstaining) to coverage of a suicide prevention event on campus.

So you might say the student journalists at OU were kind of busy putting out a paper when rocker Jack White called them out in the midst of a February 2 concert for printing his contract and tour rider. It was unclear whether White was more exercised about people knowing his fee ($80,000) or his guacamole recipe or his strict policy of no bananas in his presence.

Word came the next day that OU would be blacklisted by White’s booking agency, the behemoth William Morris Entertainment. In the ensuing social media uproar, Jack White himself and his personal manager denied instigating the blacklist. Taking WME’s demands at face value, it appears the booking agent wants either Oklahoma to amend its Freedom of Information Act to exclude contracts or OU to keep student journalists from using the FOIA.

Though born and raised in Oklahoma, I’m an archenemy University of Texas alum, but in this matter I find myself rooting for The Oklahoma Daily. “Eighty thousand large,” my Cousin Ray Sixkiller whistled, “will buy a lot of guacamole.”

Former GOP Rep. Joe Scarborough was in high dudgeon over President Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast pointing out similarities between ISIS and the excesses of aggressive Christianity, Scarborough considered the Crusades, slavery and Jim Crow, and the American Indian death toll too old for what he called “a half-baked moral equivalency.”

Obama was roasted for saying, “People committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” Cousin Ray suggested people were just mad because Obama was soft on ISIS. “Couldn’t he say more than ‘brutal, vicious death cult?”

Governors who wish to be presidents have a problem with foreign policy credentials and always have. Jimmy Carter less so because of his experience as a naval officer and Ronald Reagan less so because, well, he could play anything.

Chris Christie carefully informed the press about his trip to the UK and his visits with British politicos. Other than stepping in a steaming pile with his comments on vaccines, Christie then ignored reporters except to berate them for trying to do their jobs. He ignored questions about the role of NATO, about what should be done about ISIS…stuff that you didn’t need to be running for POTUS to know something about.

On the lighter side of the news, there was a report in The New York Times about celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s first trip to McDonald’s. I remembered Chef Paul Bocuse’s description, “tasteless, boneless food in which everything is soft.” Zakarian liked the fries and the coffee.

The Washington Post reported that Harvard has undertaken to ban professors sleeping with undergraduates, potentially shutting down a major reason some new PhDs are willing to take the lower pay in academia.

The trial judge told the venire summoned for the case involving the killing of Chris Kyle that it’s OK if they’ve seen the movie made from Kyle’s book, American Sniper. They would not be disqualified automatically. The judge is correct on the law, but if I were on the defense team, I would be cursing my luck that the movie came out at the same time the case was called for trial.

NBC News anchor Brian Williams became news after he lied about having the aircraft in which he was riding hit and that lie morphed into questions about the things he claimed to have seen in New Orleans when covering Katrina. Apparently, he claimed that floodwaters surrounded his hotel, located in the French Quarter, which did not flood.

NBC has suspended Williams for six months without pay. Those in the chattering class have been admonished about giving in to the impulse to put ourselves closer to the center of the action than was true. Remind me again what Fox News did when Geraldo Rivera drew current troop movements in the sand on live TV?

This reminded my Republican Cousin Ray of the time Hillary Clinton was caught in a similar lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia when video showed otherwise. Ray, knowing I served in the USAF, asked me if I was ever riding in an aircraft that was hit by fire? I’m getting old, but I’m very confident that would stick in my memory. I expect my son, with his two Iraq tours. might have a memory hole for some close calls, but I don’t.

Business Insider reported Jeb Bush’s not-quite-yet campaign for president has seen the necessity to hire a “chief technology officer” AKA social media guru. The guru’s first act was to attempt to clean up his own Twitter feed, but the Way Back Machine disgorged:

March 17, 2009: new study confirms old belief: college female art majors are sluts, science majors are also sluts but uglier.

October 31, 2009: most people don’t know that “halloween” is German for “night that girls with low self-esteem dress like sluts."

Given the gyrations the GOP has undertaken to declare a truce in the war on women, it was no surprise that the young techie (who will not be named here in the interest of helping him live it down) lasted less than a week and ended the butt of jokes.


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