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Keystone pipeline piled up in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Nebraska Judge Halts TransCanada's Eminent Domain Grab for Keystone XL


TransCanada has for now lost its bid to seize Nebraskans’ land via eminent domain for its Keystone XL pipeline project, thanks to a February 12 temporary injunction.

The company, which wants to run part of its 1,700-mile-long, 800,000-barrels-per-day crude oil pipeline through Nebraska en route between the oil sands of Alberta to the Gulf Coast of Texas, had taken legal steps in January to begin forcing landowners to sell their rights of way. Several of those landowners filed suit to challenge the measure by taking issue with a state law that had given the governor the authority to approve the route.

A Holt County, Nebraska District Court judge halted the proceedings.

TransCanada has suspended its eminent domain activity even among those who did not file suit, Huffington Post reported.

“We are committed to working respectfully with all landowners as shown by today’s decision to stay eminent domain actions until there is a final resolution of the plaintiffs’ claims," said TransCanada spokesman Mark Cooper to Huffington Post.

Bold Nebraska director Jane Kleeb called it a “major win for landowners” in a statement from the group that has been front and center in opposition to the pipeline.

The pipeline has been contested since it was first proposed more than six years ago.

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