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Native classic-rockers XIT use examples of everyday racism, such as this image of Popeye the Sailor Man, in the video for 'Redskins (Savage).' Image source:

XIT Asks 'Who's the Savage?' in Anti-Redskins Rock Anthem


Seminal Native American rock group XIT, dubbed the Beatles of Indian country for the popularity of their early-70s albums Plight of the Redman (1972) and Silent Warrior (1973), have recorded a song protesting the Washington Redskins team name and mascot, as well as stereotypes in general, and the video the group has posted includes insulting and racist imagery taken from 20th-century pop culture. Visually, the "Redskins (Savage)" clip kicks off with a dictionary definition of the term, and then launches into a montage of stereotypes from Hollywood films and dated children's cartoons (including "I Yam What I Yam," the second episode of Popeye the Sailor Man). Intercut are modern scenes of protest as well as political cartoons on the topic.

 For more information, visit the XIT Native American Rock Band Facebook page. (It should be noted that the official name of the group here is Original XIT. Its lineup consists of Plight of the Redman-era members A.M. Martinez, Mac Suazo, R.C. Garriss, and Lee Herrera -- but not songwriter/founder Tom Bee.) 

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