Hey Rez Cat Lovers - It’s Time for Furry Feline Pics on #Caturday!

Vincent Schilling

Last Year, we asked our readers to send in pictures and fun facts about their rez pups. But not wanting our cat-lovers to feel left out, we sent out word on our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ for your cool rez cat photos! Our readers have once again delivered!

So after last year’s popular articles on tongue wagging, shoe biting, rabbit chewing pubby’s – it’s now time for your mouse-chasing, bird catching rez cats.

If you’d like to submit your pictures and fun facts about your rez kitty just send us an e-mail at [email protected]  along with a picture, the rez cat’s name and age, owner’s name, the rez you’re from (or near) and city and state – we’ll be glad to post your rez kitty pics!


Tonaya J. Anderson-Elliott from the Navajo Nation in Teesto, Arizona sent us this regal photo of 2 year old Tada'diin. Tonaya says her awesome rez cat’s name means corn pollen in the Navajo language because he's the same color. Tonaya says “He is a very humble cat and thinks he's the king of our house. He's also an expert mouse catcher. He is giving me the Native glare in this pic.”

Rez name: Cuddie / Government name: Lucky Star

Justine Delmore from the Navajo Reservation near Seba Dalkai, Arizona sent us a gorgeous picture of her black and grey kitty named Cuddie aka Lucky Star, age unknown. Now Justine, Cuddie is definitely a looker, but with two names, is he a secret kitty agent or something?


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