VIDEO: ICTMN’s Man on The Street – Did You Keep Your 2015 New Year’s Rez-olutions?

Vincent Schilling

As February is about to end, with it goes some of those yearly proclamations to do better, to eat healthier, lose those few pounds. That’s right, we’re talking about those New Year’s resolutions.

Indian Country Today Media Network’s Man on the Street was in Washington, D.C. recently attended the National Congress of American Indian State of Indian Nations Address where he asked: “Did you keep your 2015 New Year’s Rez-olutions?”

Attendees such as Lance Gumbs, Shinnecock Tribe, Bernadette Echohawk, National American Indian Housing Coucil, Samantha Eldridge, Navajo Nation, and Brian Cladoosby, NCAI president, all joined in the lighthearted fun.

Though their responses may not have been perfect – we can always strive to do our best.

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