Late Blackfeet Actress Misty Upham Recognized at Oscars


Misty Upham, the late Blackfeet actress known for her performances in Frozen River, Jimmy P., and August: Osage County, was included in the "In Memoriam" montage at the 2015 Oscars. In October, Upham was found dead near the White River on the Muckleshoot Reservation in Washington state. 

The segment was introduced by Meryl Streep, Upham's co-star in August: Osage County. According to an LA Times account of behind-the-scenes moments, Streep could be seen shaking her head when Upham's face flashed on screen (which happens in the video below at about the 4:27 mark).

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Upham's inclusion drew approval from Natives on Twitter, some of whom commented on the significance of her mysterious passing. Jesse Wente, Director of Film Programmes at the Toronto International Film Festival Bell Lightbox, included the #MMIW hashtag (for Missing or Murdered Indigenous Women) in his somber tweet. "Seeing Misty Upham as part of the in memoriam segment a snap back to reality," he wrote. "So many things more important than this show. #Oscars #MMIW"

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