Photo by Matika Wilbur
Photo by Matika Wilbur

'Aaaaaye!' Six Hilarious Videos of Tatanka Means' Standup Comedy


Tatanka Means has been getting attention for his acting lately, particularly his performances in Tiger Eyes and Banshee. But Means is, and long has been, a touring standup comedian, well known for his performances throughout the Southwest and at casinos and reservations further afield. In 2013, he was named Albuquerque's best comedian by Albuquerque the Magazine.

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On Tuesday, he performed at Northern Arizona University with Adrianne Chalepah, Pax Harvey, James Junes and Ernest Tsosie—a merry band who collectively call themselves the 49 Laughs Comedy Show. If you weren't one of the 700-plus in attendance, here's a taste of what you missed: 


Going to a Shoni Schimmel Game

Racism of the New Mexico State Fair

Native President


The Bitter Albuquerque Winter and Indian Cage Dancers

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