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George (Comanche Boy) Tahdooahnippah

Comanche Boy in Denmark For Next Fight 'Let's Go Somewhere and Shock Somebody'

Sam Laskaris

For the first time in his career, George (Comanche Boy) Tahdooahnippah will travel outside of the United States for a fight.

Tahdooahnippah, who has Comanche and Choctaw ancestry, will travel to Denmark to square off against Danish boxer Patrick Neilsen on Mar. 14. The super middleweight bout, scheduled for 12 rounds, will be the main event of a card at the Ballerup Super Arena, located in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city. Comanche Boy, a 36-year-old who lives in Lawton, Oklahoma, enters the match sporting a 34-1-2 record while Nielsen, who is 23, has a 23-1 mark.

Regardless of where he has fought in the U.S., Comanche Boy has had a bevy of Native American supporters at his previous fights. He won't have that backing, however, once he steps into the ring in Denmark. "All my career I've had that support," Tahdooahnippah told ICTMN. "Sometimes there's some pressure with it. I told my trainer I can't wait to go somewhere where nobody knows us. I said let's go somewhere and shock somebody."

Comanche Boy is eager to step into the ring in Denmark for another reason. He was disappointed he had to turn down an offer for a fight this past December in Australia. That's because he had already signed on for a bout that same night in his hometown, which had been organized by his tribe and was to be staged at the Comanche Nation Casino. But that fight never materialized since his opponent pulled out a few days before the event. "It was a double whammy for me because I had to turn down the fight in Australia, and the fight at the casino put on by my tribe fell through," he said. "I just kept training though, and then, when this fight (with Neilsen) came up, I jumped at it."

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Though his Danish bout will be the first time Tahdooahnippah has fought abroad, he doesn't consider it the biggest fight of his career. "I think my fight with Delvin Rodriguez was the biggest one of my career," he said of his February 2013 bout.
Comanche Boy suffered his first pro loss against Rodriguez, which was the main event of a Connecticut card, and televised on ESPN's Friday Night Fights broadcast.

"Every fight is special though," Tahdooahnippah said. "This next one is for a WBO regional [Intercontinental] title, so it's a big one. And it's my first 12-rounder, so I'm excited about that."

Tahdooahnippah also said he believes the pressure in this fight will be on for his opponent, the hometown favorite. "I've got nothing to lose," he said. "I know he's a young southpaw, and he's really quick. But I'm going to surprise him. He's never met a real live Comanche before."

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