Natalie Hand, Olawan Martinez, and Alexandra White Plume-Steele are the hosts of “INDigenous Views.”

Indigenous Views Video: Hickeys, Cleavage, and Other Pressing Issues

Christina Rose

“Hickeys and Cleavage” are the first topics covered in a new online show titled “INDigenous Views” produced by the Lakota Media Project from Manderson, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

The mother/daughter team of Wiowaya Najin Win, producer, and Rosebud White Plume, director, are breaking ground with their new video series. They are planning 20 shows over the next 12 months. “We wanted to do a show that deals with indigenous people and the issues facing us, and we also will be using them as an educational tool,” White Plume said.

This week’s show addresses the concerns and traditional viewpoints of the topic by the show’s three co-hosts Olawan Martinez, Alexandra White Plume-Steele, and Natalie Hand. “A lot of people don’t talk about things like hickeys, and if they see the show maybe they will start talking about that. If they can identify with that, they might want to change their ways, project themselves as something other than a grown woman going around with hickeys, or dressing inappropriately,” White Plume said.

While hickeys and cleavage are unique topics, other shows may cover more political issues such as the XL Pipeline and drilling for uranium, which is a serious problem for South Dakota’s land, water, and sacred areas. “We have a list of shows that we all came up with. We might not stick to any particular subject matter, it will be a wide variety of topics,” White Plume said.

“INDigenous View”s will frequently include an additional guest to the panel. According to White Plume, “When we do the pipeline, I would like to find somebody who is for the topic and against. One show will be about the legalization of alcohol on the reservation. We want to hear why some are for it and the co-hosts, who say they aren’t. I really enjoyed the outcome of the first episode. I didn’t want to start with too serious an issue.”

Each show will cover two topics. The second half of “Hickeys and Cleavage” reports on the January 27 event at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, when 57 young children suffered beer and racial comments by white men in a booth above them.

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For the next show, the team will go out into the different communities on the reservation and ask, “What does Native Pride mean to you?”

“The second half will be an update on the incidents that happened at Rapid City and the Stock Show,” White Plume said, recalling another similar incident at the Rapid City Stock Show.

Watch the first episode below:

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