AIANTA Breaks Into Italian Tourism Market


Pisa, Italy (March 6, 2015) – The American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) introduced Indian country tourism to the Italian market for the first time at Showcase USA-Italy, March 1-3.

During Showcase USA-Italy, AIANTA representatives met with more than 100 Italian tourism trade professionals including tour operators, travel agencies and travel media. AIANTA provided itinerary ideas, e-brochures from tribes and tribal entities, as well as general information about travel opportunities within Indian country.

Italian travelers remain the largest per capita spenders in Europe, with an average spending of close to $5,000 per person, per trip. And as the fourth largest European market --providing 950,000 arrivals in the U.S. last year -- Italy is an important market for Indian country to break into for continued growth and education.

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