A nicked-up Philip Kopus (Jason Momoa) in the finale of Red Road's first season. Source:

'Red Road' Season 2: More Lies, More Blood, More Jason Momoa. Plus Wes Studi!


SundanceTV has released new video clips promoting its popular series The Red Road, about the strained relationship between a New Jersey town and the Lenape Indians who live nearby, which returns for its second season on April 2. A year has gone by, and Jason Momoa's character Philip Kopus is out of prison. Kiowa Gordon's character, Junior, is also free to roam, despite having shot Philip's father in last season's finale. Actor Gary Farmer is back and, in a twist that will please Indian country audiences, Wes Studi has joined the cast. (As for Zahn McClarnon's entertaining Mike Parker—alas, still dead.)

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The Lenape Tribe has received Federal recognition, and there's talk of building a casino—suddenly there's a lot more money in the mix. Here's the trailer for season 2:

Additionally, The Wrap has posted a highly informative clip about what's in store. Momoa says that his character is "trying to walk the straight path [but] gets back in trouble." Comments from the show's creators and Momoa's foil, Martin Henderson, are also illuminating:

For more information on The Red Road's return, visit the show's official page at

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