Watch the Trailer for 'Rez World' -- It's Like 'Jurassic World,' but Scarier


We can do a lot of things thanks to science. We can cure diseases and put cheese in an aerosol can. Science has reached such a level of awesomeness that we have to be careful. The question we must ask ourselves is not "Can we do it?" No, the question is "Should we do it?"

Yes, we can genetically engineer a super-coyote for a rez theme park. But should we?

This summer, see Rez World, a chilling tale of rez science gone wrong. It's the latest chapter of the story that began with Rez Park, and continued in The Lost World: Rez Park and Rez Park III. Brought to you by the filmmakers behind 50 Shades of Aye.

The corral is open...

For reference, here's a trailer for a similar movie that is supposedly a big deal:

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Juliet's picture
Submitted by Juliet on
These aren't real movies? Why not? They're bound to be more entertaining than the latest from The Asylum -- okay, the latest from Roger Corman, because The Asylum is a very low bar (Sharknado notwithstanding).

Suswecha's picture
Submitted by Suswecha on
You gotta love those genetics. Coyote has already changed, back east where they took Mahecan, Mohegan, Ma'iingan (those all mean "Wolf") away, they inadvertently opened space fo Coyote to grow bigger, and, as usual imitate in his own special way of turning things into fun; and also in the far west, where she's coming home into the massive cities that thought to exclude her kind. She likes kitties and things, and catches 'em even better than the Wolf who visited me, and with me, others. Mess with that killing for pleasure and cash, and the children of those killed will, just peaceably, amicably, and most of all, funnily, just stroll back into the lands of their homes, steppin' back into their genes. Sing.