Lazy Day Caturday With 8 More Rez Cats

Vincent Schilling

Those furry felines from around Indian country are back in this week’s rez cat submissions. These rez hair-ballers come to us from the East Coast and the West Coast, as well as some southern representation. We also have a Canadian entry rounding out this week’s Rez #Caturday.

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If you’d like to submit your pictures and fun facts about your Rez Kitty just send us an e-mail at [email protected]  along with a picture, the Rez Cat’s name and age, owner’s name, the rez you’re from (or near) and city and state – we’ll be glad to post your Rez Kitty pics!

Whiskey, the bipolar kitty

Christina Jaquez from the Tule River Reservation in California sent us this awesome rez kitty/owner selfie. Christina tells us this about Whiskey. “She's a one year old, half-wild tabby that we picked up at the smoke shack. Petting her is like Russian roulette. She will allow you to get close and cuddle her for an unknown amount of time, before she bites the hell out of you. You can see the crazy in her eyes.”

Christina gave us some other funny tidbits – “She actually ran away once...but the joke was on her. That same weekend, there was a bear hanging around the house. She begged to come back in by throwing herself against the back door.

One time, she was sitting all cool in the windowsill, enjoying the breeze... Until her weight caused the screen to give way and she flopped out.”


Danita Moffett from the Gila River Indian Community in Casa Blanca, Arizona sent us this great photo of 1 ½ year old rez cat Buddy. Hey Buddy, sitting at the window screen like that, looking out at the rez? Makes us want to take a long relaxing cat nap.


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