Alan Dyer/Vimeo
Undulating and flickering, the aurora borealis is a constant source of enchantment, and it is captured here on video.

Video: Watch the Aurora Borealis Undulate and Shine as it Enchants


They flash, they dance, they undulate and glitter. And they never fail to transport.

We are talking, of course, about the Northern Lights, source of many an enchanting story and tantalizing scientific study. There is nothing quite like the aurora borealis for ethereal entertainment.

Here, astrophotographer Alan Dyer has captured the mystical nature of the lights in a time-lapse sequence taken between February 12 to 21, 2015, from the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

The fish-eye lens he used—making it compatible with a domed planetarium projection screen, he noted in his comments—depending on how one looks at it, resembles either an eyeball, a curved storytelling moon, or Mother Earth herself.

“Churchill's location at 58° North on the shore of Hudson Bay puts it directly under the main auroral oval, the zone of greatest auroral activity,” Dyer wrote in his comments. “Over the nine nights, two were cloudy, with a roaring blizzard, but on the eight clear nights we saw aurora every night. I shot time-lapses on six of those nights, shooting about 3,500 frames, most of which appear in the final cut of this movie.”

For those of us who can’t get there anytime soon, this is a welcome taste of an otherworldly phenomenon.

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