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Comanche Boy TKO’d by Danish Boxer; ‘I Couldn't Get Anything Going’

Sam Laskaris

For just the second time in his professional career, George (Comanche Boy) Tahdooahnippah had to watch the referee raise his opponent’s arm.

Tahdooahnippah, who has Comanche and Choctaw ancestry, was defeated by Denmark's Patrick Nielsen in a super middleweight bout, which had the vacant World Boxing Association's Intercontinental belt on the line.

The fight, held this past Saturday at the Ballerup Super Arena located in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, was stopped at the beginning of the eighth round as Comanche Boy declined to continue the bout.

For Tahdooahnippah, who saw his record fall to 34-2-2, it marked the first time he had a fight  outside of the United States. Nielsen's record improved to 24-1 with this TKO.

"He really surprised me," Tahdooahnippah told ICTMN. "He was just a really strong fighter, and I couldn't get anything going against him."

After taking a body shot in the third round, Comanche Boy dropped to a knee to catch his breath. "I wanted to go on the inside on him, but every time I tried that he would just hold me and the ref would call for a break," Tahdooahnippah said.

Tahdooahnippah's trainer David Vaughn wanted to stop the fight at the end of the sixth round. "I just kept saying to him 'give me one more round'," Comanche Boy said of Vaughn, who he has worked with for the past eight years. "My corner kept saying I wasn't throwing any shots."

When Tahdooahnippah didn't fare any better in the seventh round, Vaughn knew it was time to call it quits. Since Comanche Boy did not come out for the eighth round, the fight was officially stopped at the one-second mark.

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Comanche Boy agreed with Vaughn's decision to end the bout. "That's what a trainer does," he said. "He doesn't want to see his fighter getting punishment. But that's not to say I was just taking punishment. I could have stayed in there and finished the 12 rounds. But I wasn't going to win that fight because I couldn't get anything going."

Comanche Boy usually fights in the middleweight category. His battle against Nielsen was his first in the super middleweight division. "We went up [in weight] for this fight just for the opportunity," Tahdooahnippah said. "I know I'll be going back to middleweight now."

Though an opponent has not been lined up yet, Comanche Boy, who lives in Lawton, Oklahoma, believes his next fight will be in his home state. He's hoping to step into the ring again in either May or June.

The only other loss Comanche Boy has suffered in his pro career occurred in February of 2013 against  Delvin Rodriguez. That bout, which was held in Connecticut, was televised on ESPN's Friday Night Fights.

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