Powwow to Honor the Sacred Relationships Between the People and the Planet


Ann Arbor, MI – On April 5 and 6, the 43rd Annual Dance for Mother Earth Powwow will host approximately 200 competitive dancers, eight drums and singers, and more than 40 vendors and artisans to celebrate Native American cultures and languages, traditions and foods from around the U.S. and Canada. 

According to USA Today Travel, Dance for Mother Earth is one of the “10 great places to be wowed by American Indian culture.” The pow wow, located in Ann Arbor, Mich., is now one of the largest university pow wows in the nation, and continues to provide an important opportunity for Native Americans to celebrate and share their culture with one another and with the broader community. 

This social gathering will reflect the diversity of North American indigenous cultures across the nation. It is an extraordinary opportunity to support the growth of the Native American student community, while learning about our nation’s robust indigenous heritage and its contemporary expression. And several times each day, the audience will be welcomed to the circle for the All Nations dance.

Rooted in traditional Native cultures, Dance for Mother Earth was founded by a small group of University of Michigan Native American students and community members to celebrate and honor the sacred relationships between the people and the planet. 

The planning for the event was led by U of M’s Native American Student Association (NASA) in collaboration with university administrators and backing from local pow wow veterans. The 2015 pow wow provides a uniquely valuable opportunity for NASA to collaborate with the Native American Student Organization at Eastern Michigan University. 

The head staff expected to attend, includes:

Head Veteran:  George Martin

Master of Ceremonies:  Jason Whitehouse

Arena Director:  Dave Shananaquet

Head Drum Judge:  Wesley Cleland

Head Male Dance Judge:  Robert J Smith

Head Female Dance Judge:  Netawn Kiogima

Head Male Dancers:  Russel Harjo, Zack Antoine-Jackson, TBD

Head Female Dancers:  Leya Hale, Alexis Syrette, TBD

Drums in Attendance

Host:  Wisconsin Dells (Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin)
Co-Host:  Crazy Spirit (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

Invited Drums:

Tha Bucks

Tha Tribe (Onieda, WI)

Southern Straight (Fulton, MI)

Charging Horse

Dusty Bear

Medicine Tail (Alabama)

For more information about the 43rd Dance for Mother Earth Powwow, visit Powwow.umich.edu.


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