The imprisoned activist was a favorite subject of Soviet newspapers during the Cold War.

How Soviet Media Used Leonard Peltier as Anti-U.S. Propaganda [Video]


An article posted to Mother Jones today looks back at a practice begun in the Reagan administration: Video briefings on current events, provided to the Commander in Chief by the CIA. A number of them have been uploaded by the CIA to its official YouTube channel, including one about how the United States is portrayed in Soviet media. As it turns out, Indian country's most famous political prisoner was a much more important topic to the editors of Pravda (the Communist Party's official newspaper) than he was to their American counterparts. Here's a passage from the transcript:

Moscow has seized on the case of Leonard Peltier, an American Indian activist convicted in 1977 of murdering two FBI agents. While Peltier's case is almost forgotten here, his legal appeals getting only brief mention in the New York Times, Pravda published seven stories about him this past September. Other Soviet newspapers also ran prominent coverage. The Soviets seemed to be trying to use this case to counter Western publicity about their own political prisoners.

The entire video below is interesting watching from start to finish, but the segment on Peltier doesn't start until the 7-minute mark.

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